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Comments : 0 Author : geniusflower Date : 24 Oct 2017

People who like their work environment are likely to be satisfied with their jobs, increase their productivity, and an overall balance in work and play. In fact, a well-balanced work environment provides a great sense of mental clarity. With that mental clarity tip, we didn’t hesitate to get our work environment whipped into shape!

You’d think setting up a balanced work environment should be easy with all the mobile and digital technology available. Well all that showed us is that work environments are no longer having to access a computer mainframe because most things that workers need to do their jobs are inside their laptops and smartphones. All people should need are places to sit—either together or alone.

From Gen x and Gen y professionals believing that in the year 2020, a worker’s most important connected device will be a smartphone or a wearable device. Predicting and keeping up with technology and equipping your work environment with the latest technology, devices, and operating systems can be extreme because these things change so frequently. We decided to take a step back and take a look at the overall picture.

We realized that there’s nothing stable in predicting the next trend and that there’s something that doesn’t change…our biological experience as humans. Now THAT’S an operating system! Our bodies aren’t the only thing that needs basic nurturing with water and oxygen, our minds have needs to. So we create well-balanced work environments that feed our mind and help with mental clarity.

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Here are a few things we considered when creating our spaces for mental nourishment:

  • large open space and small spaces when privacy is needed.
  • good lighting from natural daylight coming through large windows supplemented with pleasant electric lighting.
  • furniture that supports good body health from chairs to desks and the ability to store and organize so work is comfortable and efficient.
  • placement of everything in the workspace to promote balance and proper energy flow.
  • accessories such as decor, picture, plants and pinboards and whatever it takes to provide a warm, calming effect.

Our mental clarity is important for our creative juices to flow. We are extremely satisfied with our well-balanced work environments. How is your work environment? Does it allow you to flourish in your business?

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