About Genius Flower Studio

Our company was established to support businesses and entrepreneurs that may be struggling in showcasing their best qualities that will assist in bringing their ideal clients. We are a small, friendly and talented team that partners up and work with businesses and entrepreneurs to bring out the best in them. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience. We love what we do.

Why Us?

We put our clients in the strongest position to get the best results from every visitor to their website. To do that, we've built relationships on a foundation of trust and honesty. Our clients know we're working for them and their customers' best interests.

What We Do

Not only do we love what we do, we also believe in what we do. Genius Flower Studio is a company of patience. We nurture strong relationships with a carefully chosen inner circle of clients. Any relationship requires time and patience.

Our Process

Here at Genius Flower Studio, we deliberately create a business that supports the life we want. A life that allows us to enjoy time with our families. We invest in helping others build businesses for the lives they want too.

Services & Offers

Genius Flower Studio is a company of patience. We build relationships on a foundation of trust and honesty. We consciously do what we can to slow down and think carefully about who we work with along with what we put out into the world together.

Web Services

Our designers and developers are equipped with insights from content to analytics. Whatever site you need whether it’s a new site or upgrade your existing one, we can design and development the platform to fit your needs.

eBook Design Services

We’ll handle the problems of eBook production so you can concentrate on writing. We take care of document conversion, page layout, cover design and testing, turning your source files into an eBook ready for sale online.


We are pleased to offer a wide range of animated services for a variety of industries including TV, film, video games, advertising, corporate explainer videos and shorts. We’ve worked with clients big and small, with budgets of all sizes. Tell us what you need.

Business Reports

With our business procedures in place, we are able to create reports to easily showcase your business growth and success. From design and layout to well written copy, we know how to design annual reports or any business report that effectively communicate your message.

Marketing Support

Social media marketing campaigns, direct mail, email marketing, and 1st level SEO. These are a few areas of support we provide for your business. Knowing that having a consistent marketing plan can bring in steady streams of income, we offer more services such as jingles, print marketing, paid traffic to help bring in new clients repeatedly.

Mobile/Native Apps

Whether you need a web app or native app for business or personal use, our developers and designers make it happen. From web apps (apps have to be connected to internet at all times to access) to native apps (apps sold in the app stores and accessible w/o internet connection), we have fun creating helpful tool apps and video game apps.

Pitch Decks

We believe in your business/project just as much as you do. Now let's work together to help your future investors believe in it too. Let our pitch deck design service help you grab the attention of the investors giving more investors the opportunity to invest in your business/project and grant you the investment you deserve.

Booking Systems

Our booking system is an essential tool for small businesses. Automate your booking + scheduling and charge for your time while taking online payments + deposits. Our booking system helps convert visitors to customers using built-in conversion forms, booking, and scheduling calendars. There is so much you can accomplish with this as your new website.


Get detailed financial reports to see your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Know your current AR, AP, have financial reports delivered right to your email! We help you with cash flow management, entering bank transactions, receipt management, payroll and payroll tax management, sales tax, and any help your accountant need to process your tax returns.

Graphic/Print Design

Our graphics team is ready to give your brand or any project a new energy and a 'wow' factor it may need. Whether you're reinventing or just starting out, we can create that desired impact. Get noticed with creative signage, banners, billboards while allowing your vehicle graphics drive your business forward to market your business with promotional items. We provide print material for your every need including product packaging that's engaging.

Our Work

We are fortunate to work with some amazing clients and bring smiles to their faces. Our business is to highlight your best or provide you with what you need, and we are serious about that as we have fun doing it!

Happy Clients

Our clients are amazing and well...they think we are too!

Brenda S.

CFO, Partner

...after revamping our site, site traffic has been up and we are actually gaining leads and new clients now. Thanks a million!

Marie Z.

Founder, Life Coach

Oh my video is exactly what I wanted! It makes marketing so easy for me now.

Tim S.


You guys ROCKED on the banners for the festival. Thanks for the QR code tip. It came in handy.

Esteban G.


...this is absolutely wonderful. Automating my business has helped me focus more time on my work. To have my customers schedule appointments through my new website has been a tremendous help. Great job!

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Giving Back

Let's get it, let's go!

We Change the World...TOGETHER!


"Giving back" - "pay it forward", these are a few phrases we believe in and practice. We are committed and dedicated to our clients and their success. Our community and world is also important to us. When you invest in your future through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world.


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